Darkstrand Visuals is a full-service photography and videography production company in Saskatoon, SK

Josh Bud is the heart and soul of Darkstrand Visuals.

From a young age, he was creative, taking photography classes, art classes, guitar lessons and drum lessons. After high school, he pursued a computer science degree at the University of Saskatchewan; but his artistic side kept calling out to him. He eventually dropped out of his computer science degree to start Darkstrand Visuals in 2017.

Since then, Josh's portfolio has grown immensely, from promotional videos and live events to music videos and weddings. What sets Josh apart from other videographers is his passion for creative storytelling and unique approach to each project. He strives for excellence in everything he does and brings a fresh perspective to every video shoot.

Josh is an HTML, CSS and JS wizard- he also plays in a pop-punk band! When he's not busy filming or editing video content, he’s eating domino’s pizza.

Josh Bud - The Heart And Soul Of Darkstrand Visuals.
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"This is great. Not a single day has felt like work." Josh Bud

At Darkstrand Visuals, our mission is to help businesses and individuals tell their stories in a visually captivating way. We believe that quality and fast turnaround are the keys to success, and the team’s dedication is on providing our clients with the best possible experience.